Mesin Bordir Komputer

Mesin bordir komputer


  • Mininum speed 1000 RPM 1 Head, min. 9 Color.
  • Color LCD display showing real time stitching USB input port with fast data transmission and good compatibility Auto star and color change, 200 times color change setted
  • Electricity: AC86-264V Include Software Special capabilities : – Monogram capabilities (membordir nomor dan alfabet dengan auto bordering) – Bordir di pakaian jadi, handuk, tas dan lain lain – Bordir di topi jadi Included Accessories : – 1 set of garment hoop holder – Garment hoop sizes : 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 290mm*290mm – Extra large garment hoop size : 455mm * 370mm
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