Petrol Engine 1 Stand (Life Engine)

Petrol Engine 1 Stand (Life Engine)


  • Made from all new components (not recycled/repainting)
    • Gasoline Engine Assembly, approx. 2,000cc Turbo, Solitary Startup Type
    • Electrical and electronic devices such as, ECM, TCM, AFS, CKP, CMP, Oâ‚‚ Sensor, WTS, Control Relay and etc
    • Injector, Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel Equipment, DC 12V/60A Battery for Vehicles, Generator
    • Ignition coil, Spark Plug, High Voltage Cables etc
    • Cooling System such as Radiator, Overflow Tank, Relay, Electric Pan
    • Exhaust System such as, Catalytic Converter, Emission, Silencer
    • Start Switch (Key S/W) Antivibration dampers and a urethane wheels
    • Control box, fuel tank (removable), accelerator lever
    • 360°rotational stand
    • Cabinet type storage space with 2 door
    • Separate Engine, Control stand
    • 10 Training Contents
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