Robotic Welding Machine

Robotic Welding Machine


  • Structure 6-axis, independent multiple articulation ,
  • Wrist Load approx. 6kg
  • Motion Range Max Reaching Distance approx. 1437mm ,
  • Min Reaching Distance approx. 404mm
  • Front and Back Motion Range approx. 1033mm,
  • Arm Rotation 225°/S
  • Motion Speed Lifting Arm approx. 225°/S,
  • Stretching approx. 225°/S,
  • Wrist Rotation approx. 425°/S,
  • Bending approx. 425°/S,
  • Reverse approx. 629°/S
  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy Within ±0.08mm
  • Servo Motor Total Power approx. 3400W
  • Brake Specs All shaft-driven brake Installation Normal Including welding machine: input voltage three-phase 200 / 220V 50 / 60hz Rated input approx. 17 KVA (16 kw), Welding current 30
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