Welding Simulator


  • Product Welding Simulator Vision Technology Virtual Reality
  • Input Supply Single Phase 230v, 50 – 60 Hz, (5 – 11amp)
  • Learning Concepts Didactic Process Simulated SMAW, GMAW, GTAW Joint Configuration Butt, Fillet, Lap, Pipe To Plate And Pipe To Pipe Welding Position – Basic 1G To 4G (Flat, Horizontal, Vertical, Overhead) System Sensors Welding Torch has AR Marker Skills Learned Arc Length, Speed, Work Angle, Travel Angle & Straightness Thickness Of Materials 3.0, 6.0 & 10.0 Mm. Welding Metal Mild Steel , Stainless Steel and Aluminium Simulator Parameters CC / CV Function Current, Voltage , Wire feed speed & Gas pressure adjustment.
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