Welding X-ray Testing Equipment


  • Max. penetration thickness (A3 steel) 40mm
  • Double-face lead foil intensifying screen Pb approx. 0.03 Focal distance approx. 600mm,
  • Exposure time approx. 5 minutes negative film, dark room processing
  • Developing time approx. 5 minutes Negative film blackness ≥1.5 Power supply AC 220V±10% / 50-60Hz
  • Power capacity approx. 2.5 Output voltage 150-250
  • Output current approx. 4mA Wave range±1% Focus size approx. 2.0×2.0
  • Ray radiation angle45+5º
  • sensitivity approx. 1.8% X ray controller
  • X ray controller dimension approx. (mm) 360×360×150
  • X ray generator size (mm) approx. 320×320×630
  • Working pressure 0.34-0.45Mpa
  • Cooling way Forced air cooling Isolation method SF6 gas
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