Pelayaran Kapal Penangkap Ikan

  • Band Saw Machine

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    • Circular @90°: approx. 229 mm (9″)
    • Rectangular @90°: approx. 127×405 mm (5″x16″)
    • Circular @45°: approx. 150 mm (6″)
    • Rectangular @45°: approx. 150×190 mm (6″x7.5″)
    • Blade speed: @60 Hz: approx. 22-122 MPM 95-402 FPM
    • @50 Hz: approx. 18-102 MPM 78-335
    • FPM Blade size: approx. 27 x 0,9 x 32155 mm
    • Motor power: approx. 1,5 KW 2 HP (3 PH)
    • Drive: V-Belt
  • Basic Electro Hydraulic Training System

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    • Hydraulic power unit: Work power: AC:380V
    • Frequency:50Hz
    • Safety rate-limiting range:1000- 1500 r/min
    • Power: approx. 1.1KW
    • Flow: approx. 4.5L/min Oil box volume: approx. 35Ltr Gear pump system: motor pump using open shelf installation, structure compact, low noise, easy to maintenance
    • Part list: Training table, Hydraulic station, Double acting hydraulic cylinder, throttle valve, One-way throttle valve, Pressure relief valve (directly actuated), 4/3 Way solenoid valve (M) ,4/3 Way solenoid valve (O), 4/3 Way solenoid valve (Y), 4/3 Way solenoid valve (H), 4/2 Way solenoid valve, 4/2 Way manual shuttle valves, Speed regulator valve , Pilot Relief Valve, Pressure relief valve (pilot actuated), Pilot pressure reducing valve, Hydraulic control one-way valve, One-way valve, Pressure relay, T connector, Five way connector, hydraulic distributor, Glycerin pressure gauge, Hose 0.6m, Hose 1m, Hose 1.5m, DC power module, Relay module, Button switch module, power unit for hydraulic pump, Photoelectric sensor, Capacitive sensor, Inductive sensor, Micro switch module (left), Micro switch module (right), Test line, Toolkit, Hydraulic Simulation Software. User manual.
  • Basic Electro Pneumatic Training System

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    • DC power: Input, AC220V, 50Hz/60 Hz
    • Output: DC 24V/3A Air compressor: Power: AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz Motor power: approx. 480W Nominal volume: approx. 6L normal Output approx. 0.8 MPa Noise degree: approx. 66 dB
    • Part list: Workbench, Silent Air compressor, Manifold block (air terminal), Double-acting cylinder, Single-acting cylinder, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central vented, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central exhaust, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central pressure, 5/2 single solenoid shuttle valve, 5/2 double solenoid shuttle valve, 3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NC, 3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NO, 5/2 handle shuttle valve Mushroom button valves (Mushroom button valves), 5/2 handle shuttle valve, 5/3 handle shuttle valve, Single pneumatic control 3/2, Double pneumatic control 3/2, Single pneumatic control 5/2, Double pneumatic control 5/2, Dyad(pressure regulator & air filter), Reducing valve, One-way valve, Pressure gauge, One-way throttle valve, 3/2 knob valve, 3/2 Stroke valve, 3/2 Stroke valve, 3/2 knob valve (3/2 push botton valve), Time delay valve, Sequence valve, “And” gate-type dual pressure Valve, “Or” gatetype shuttle valve, Quick escape valve, Micro switch valve (left trigger), Micro switch valve (Right trigger), Photoelectric Sensor,capacitive sensor, Conductive sensor, Test wire, DC power supply unit, Relay, Button switch unit, Hose Ф4, Hose Ф6, 4 T Valve, T connection, APG reducing straight coupling, Tool kits, Pneumatic Simulation software, User manual.
  • Basic Electronics Trainer

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    • Input power: Single phase three wire AC220V±10% 50Hz;
    • Output parameters: 2 way DC +1.25~+30V/0.8A; DC±5V/1A, DC±12V/1A; 2 way AC 7.5V, 2 way AC 15V; Compatible with independent winding and neutral axle output
    • Protection measures: AC 220V, safety socket & safety terminal output Capacity:<1KVA Configuration list: Training platform AC220V main control power box AC220V power box Voltage stabilized power supply module I Adjustable DC voltage stabilized power supply module AC power supply Signal generator module Measuring instrument module Mask plate hanging line experiment module Analog circuit experiment box 14P Digital chip module 16P Digital chip module 18P Digital chip module 20P Digital chip module Comprehensive test box module Test line and power line Terminal test line(K2 and K3), Power line Manual book CD Electronic chip
  • CB Transceiver

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    • General: Frequency Range: All 240 CB Channels; 26.065 to 28.755 MHz; Frequency Control: Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizer;
    • Receiver: Sensitivity: SSB/CW: 0.25μV for 10dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2 watt of audio output; AM: 0.5μV for 10dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2 watt of audio output; FM: 1.0μV for 20dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2 watt of audio; Selectivity: AM/FM : 6dB @3KHz, 50dB@9 KHz; SSB/CW : 6dB @2.1KHz, 60dB@3.3KHz; Intermediate Frequency: AM/FM = 10.695MHz/455KHz; SSB/CW = 10.695MHz; Audio output: 4W @8 Ohm; Frequency Response: 300 – 2800Hz
    • Transmitter: Output Power: AM/FM/CW, 12watts SSB, 12watts PEP; Modulation: High and low level Class B; Amplitude Modulation: AM; Varicap Freq. Modulation: FM; Intermodulation Distortion: SSB : 3rd order, more than -25dB; 5th order, more than -35dB; SSB carrier Suppression: 55dB; Unwanted Sideband: 50dB; Frequency Response: AM and FM : 450 to 2500Hz; Output Impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced;
    • Include CB Antenna and cable with connector
  • Digital Circuit Training Kit

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      • Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10% , 50Hz/60Hz
      • Output power : DC±5V continuously adjustable, DC±12V, DC+5V─+27V Continuous adjustable DC power supply Capacity : < 200VA One set adjustable signal source : 2—20KHZ, adjustable amplitude. Three kinds of signal output ,the frequency coarse and fine tune
      • Part list: Digital experiment box, Power area, Logic pen, einmal pulse source, signal generator, frequency meter unit, Resistance part, capacitance part, audion part, Integrated circuit, Logic level show, logic level output unit, Bread board area unit, Date capture card, Power line, Testing line, Manual book
  • Digital optical measurement profile projector

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    • Projection screen rotation range: 0-360° X-axis travel (mm) 0~200 Min. travel 0.001mm Y-axis travel (mm) 0~80 (focusing) Z-axis travel (mm) 0~150 Min. travel 0.001mm X,Y coordinate indicating value
    • accuracy: v(3+L/75) μm, (L is Measured length, unit is mm)
  • Drill Press

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    • Voltage/Frequency:230V-/50Hz
    • Input power: approx. 350W
    • Max drilling capacity: Ø approx. 13mm
    • Spindle Travel: approx. 50mm
    • Column Diameter: approx. 46mm
    • Spindle speed:5speed: approx. 760~3070rpm
    • Distance Spindle/Column approx. 104mm
    • Distance Spindle/Table approx. 200mm
    • Distance Spindle/Base approx. 290mm
    • Table size: approx. 160x160mm
    • Base size: approx. 291x183mm
  • Electric Drill

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    • Voltage/Frequency:230V/50HZ
    • Input power: approx. 300W
    • 10MM keyless chuck No load speed: 0-400/0- 1400rpm
    • Torque set: 23+1
    • Max torque force: approx. 35N.m
  • Electronic Compass with GPS

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    • Electrical : 10.5 – 40VDC
    • Protection : over-current, overvoltage, power transient and accidental reverse polarity protection
      • a) Input sentences : GGA, GLL, GMS, GNS, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, HDT
      • b) Support heading/GPS sensor Port 1 and Port 2: a) Output sentences : HDT, HDM and HDG (selectable) and RMC, GSA, GGA, VTG, ZDA (Fixed) b) Heading Output interval selections : 25ms, 100ms, 200ms (default) and 1,000ms
  • Engine Room Simulator

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    • Configured with realistic consoles and several large monitor so to reproduce the ER different areas.
    • Engine
      • Low Speed diesel, with CPP or FPP, with conventional or electronic control
      • Medium Speed diesel,
      • Medium Speed diesel, up to 4 engines, gear and CPP
      • Steam turbine, with FPP
      • Gas turbine, with CPP
      • All related auxiliary equipment (electricity generation, Sea water cooling, Lubricating oil etc as below specified) – AuxiliAry system
      • Air Conditioning and refrigeration Plant
      • Power Plant
      • Treatment Plant (separators, reverse osmosis system, etc.)
      • Freshwater plant
      • Marine equipment (Compressors, pumps,Monitoring Systems, Heat Exchangers, etc.)
  • Fish Finder

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    • Display: Minimum 7-inches Color TFT day-view LCD
    • Basic Range: Meters : 5/10/20/40/80/150/200/300/60 0/1000, * meters, feet, fathoms, passi/braza can be changed on the system menu;
    • Range Shift: Up to 300 meters (1000 feet, 150 fathoms, 200 passi/braza);
    • Zoom Range: 2, 3, 4 and 5 times (4 Steps);
    • Bottom Lock Expansion Range: 5/10 meters, 10/20 feet, 2/5 fathoms, 2/5 passi/braza;
    • Auto Mode: Automatic adjustment of range and gain;
    • Display Mode: High Frequency (200K), Low Frequency (50K), Dual (200K and 50K 1/2 display on each), Zoom (200K and 50K zoom) and A-scope Display;
    • TX Frequency: Output power 50 and 200kHz;
    • Pulse-length/TX rate: Display End Depth(m): 5-1000;
    • Pulse-Length(ms): 0.1-5;
    • TX Rate(pulse/min): Max. 2400
    • Interference Rejecter: Rejects unwanted signals by comparing last and present echoes in strength;
    • Alarm: Fish and Bottom alarm;
    • Transducer 300W plastic thruhull, 50/200KHz dual frequency.