Advance Electro Hydraulic Training System

Advance Electro Hydraulic Training System


Hydraulic power unit:

  • Work power: AC:380V
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Safety rate-limiting range:1000-1500 r/min
  • Power:1.1KW
  • Flow:4.5L/min
  • Oil box volume: 35Ltr
  • Gear pump system: motor pump using open shelf installation, structure compact, low noise, easy to maintenance

Part list:

  • Training workbench, Hydraulic station, Double-acting hydraulic cylinder, One-way throttlevalve,Throttle valve, Pressurerelief valve (directly actuated), 4/3 Way solenoid valve (M), 4/3-WAY solenoid valve(O), 4/3 Way solenoid valves( Y), 4/3-WAY solenoid valve ( H) ,4/2 Way solenoid valve, 4/2 Way manual shuttle valves, Speed regulator valve, Pilot relief valve,Piloted sequence valve, Pilot type pressure reducing valve, Piloted operated check valve, Check valve, Pressure relay, T connector, Five way connector,Hydraulic distributor, Glycerin pressure gauge, Hose 0.6m,Hose 1m, Hose 1.5m, DC powermodule, Relay module, Buttonswitch module, Power supply forhydraulic pump use,Photoelectric sensor, Capacitysensor, Inductive sensor, Microswitch module (left), Micro
    switch module (right), PLCmodule(Siemens), PLCprogramming software(Siemens), Download cable(Siemens), Testline, Toolkit ,Manual.
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