electrical maintenance skill training cabinet

Electrical Maintenance Skill Training Cabinet


  • Input power : three-phase, fivewire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output power : AC 380V safety terminal output, output power indicator, AC 220V safety socket output.
  • Pointer instrument parameter AC voltmeter : measurement range 0 ~ 450V
  • AC ammeter : measurement range 0 ~ 5A
  • Power factor meter : AC 380V
  • Three-phase four-wire watt hour meter : 0~5A
  • Single-phase watt hour meter : 0~5A
  • Capacity : < 1.5KVA
  • Part list: Front cabinet: three phase power display area, power supply operating area,button switch operation area. Back cabinet: power outlet area, button switch outlet terminals. Set of boards: meter power board, lighting circuit board, electrician electric drag board, free combination board. Electric drives Lighting circuit Tools Motor group Test wires User manual
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