Universal Surface Grinder Machine

Universal Surface Grinder Machine


  • Table size (W x L) mm approx. 250×500 Max longitudinal travel mm 560 Max cross travel mm 275 Max distance from spindle cent er to table mm 450 Electro magnetic chuck size mm approx. 250×500 Speed of table longitudinal mov ement m/min 7~23
  • Table transverse movement Auto feed mm/min 0.1-8 Rapid speed mm/min 990 Feed of handwheel Mm/div 0.02 Feed of handwheel Mm/div 0.005 Grinding Speed rpm approx. 2850(50Hz); 3450(60Hz) Spindle motor kw approx. 2.2 Hydraulic motor kw approx. 0.75 Cooling pump motor kw approx. 0.04 Cross feed motor kw approx. 0.04 Max loading capacity of table Kg approx. 180
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