Electrical Installation Training System

Electrical Installation Training System


  • Power supply: AC 380V / 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Part list : Training platform Distribution Carton Part Distribution Box (Leakage protection, Air switch, Power indicator (yellow), Power indicator, Power indicator, Button switch, Button switch, Emergency switch, Time relay, Time relay square set, Contactor, Auxiliary contacts, Thermal loaded relay, etc.) Motor Group (DC shunt motor speed control, three-phase asynchronous motor two-speed motor control, three-phase asynchronous motor,etc.) DC adjustable Power module(DC adjustable power board, K4 terminal) Flexible working bench Testing wire : K2. K4 Lighting series : a variety of lighting lines (Light tube, Light holder, Ballast, Starter seat, Save energy light, High voltage pump light, Sodium lamp, White lamp, Lamp, Color lamp, Screw lamp holder, Plastic round wood, Four pairs of fluorescent large panel switch control, Sound light control switch, Touch delay switch, Dark box, Light box (86 switch box), Light box (118 switch box), 86 type blank board, Safe exit indicating board, Lighting distribution box, Leakage protection, Air switch, Button box, etc.) Tube, wire, appliance Tools User manual
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  1. 4 out of 5

    selamat siang pak,
    saya dari SMK TEKNIK Dairi, sangat membutuhkan peralatan ini.
    bagaiman saya bisa mendaptkan peralatan ini

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