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Basic Electro Pneumatic Training System


  • DC power: Input, AC220V, 50Hz/60 Hz
  • Output: DC 24V/3A Air compressor: Power: AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz Motor power: approx. 480W Nominal volume: approx. 6L normal Output approx. 0.8 MPa Noise degree: approx. 66 dB
  • Part list: Workbench, Silent Air compressor, Manifold block (air terminal), Double-acting cylinder, Single-acting cylinder, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central vented, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central exhaust, 5/3 solenoid directional valve central pressure, 5/2 single solenoid shuttle valve, 5/2 double solenoid shuttle valve, 3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NC, 3/2 single solenoid shuttle valve NO, 5/2 handle shuttle valve Mushroom button valves (Mushroom button valves), 5/2 handle shuttle valve, 5/3 handle shuttle valve, Single pneumatic control 3/2, Double pneumatic control 3/2, Single pneumatic control 5/2, Double pneumatic control 5/2, Dyad(pressure regulator & air filter), Reducing valve, One-way valve, Pressure gauge, One-way throttle valve, 3/2 knob valve, 3/2 Stroke valve, 3/2 Stroke valve, 3/2 knob valve (3/2 push botton valve), Time delay valve, Sequence valve, “And” gate-type dual pressure Valve, “Or” gatetype shuttle valve, Quick escape valve, Micro switch valve (left trigger), Micro switch valve (Right trigger), Photoelectric Sensor,capacitive sensor, Conductive sensor, Test wire, DC power supply unit, Relay, Button switch unit, Hose Ф4, Hose Ф6, 4 T Valve, T connection, APG reducing straight coupling, Tool kits, Pneumatic Simulation software, User manual.
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